Places to eat

These are just a few of our recommendations, but with over 25 Palm Cove Restaurants to choose from there are plenty of places for you to discover.

Palm Cove Holiday unit cafe

 There is no shortage of places to eat in Palm Cove! There are numerous world class and award winning restaurants offering relaxed and sophisticated dining experiences.

Along with the cafes right down stairs, below are some of our personal favourites:

·        For an early morning coffee and breakfast, “Chill café” at the far southern end of the esplanade opens at 6am and is our favourite both for the coffee and the friendly service.

·        For a relaxed and tasty breakfast, we recommend Vivo. It is also good for breakfast/lunch with toddlers as it has outdoor side tables with shrubs offering a barrier between the restaurant and the street.

·        For a hearty lunch, it’s hard to go past the value of the Surf Club two doors down the street.

·        Or for a romantic dinner, NuNu restaurant offers exceptional food.

·        Portabello’s and Il Forno also offer great take away pizza options.